Real- African Leopard- Not For Sale
Black Bear Rug w/Skull-
Vancouver Island, BC- $900.00
Grizzly Bear Rug
w/ Skull
Alaska-$3,500.00 SOLD
Javelina- Texas- $400.00
Mountain Goat- Alaska- $400.00
American Bison and 1-pair hooves mounted- Utah- $1600.00

Bison Skull- $300.00

Water Buffalo- N. Territory, Australia- $750.00 SOLD
Cape Buffalo- Zimbabwe- $750.00 SOLD
Musk Ox w/Rug- Nunavut, Canada- $1050.00 SOLD
Elk- Montana- $500.00 SOLD
Elk Skull European- $200.00
Caribou- Quebec, Canada- $400.00
Pronghorn Antelope- Texas- $250.00
Boar- $200.00
Greater Kudu- Namibia- $400.00 SOLD
Eland- Namibia- $450.00 SOLD
Mule Deer- Colorado- $300.00
Whitetail Deer- $250.00
Whitetail Deer- $250.00

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